Joseph Dykstra


About Me

I am passionate about software development. I am ambitious, and have been writing code for over 5 years.

I like writing JavaScript modules, and websites.

I am currently working remotely for RenWeb, a company that makes school-related software. I fix issues that clients have, create custom reports, and develop new functionality.


I am not currently looking for work.


  • Languages:
    • JavaScript
    • HTML
    • CSS
    • SQL
    • ColdFusion
    • C
    • I have a basic understanding of Python, BASIC, Batch, VBScript, Ruby, Bash, and Java
  • Operating Systems:
    • Windows XP - 10
    • Mac OS X
    • Ubuntu (GUI and CLI)


RenWeb | April 2015 - [Present]


I work with a small team to fix issues that come in, and develop new features on software for over 3000 schools.

  • I have created a label system so schools can print Mail Labels, ID Cards, barcodes, and more onto standard Avery label sheets.
  • I have worked with REST APIs to sync school data with 3rd party school-related software such as LMS's and State Reporting.
  • I work on fixing various issues. Few issues are like other issues. My debugging skills have improved a lot in this position.

Personal Projects | July 2008 - [Present]

Github Repositories - NPM modules

Well Rooted Gardens | May 2014 - April 2015


I worked part time for Well Rooted Gardens doing landscaping, and during the winter, we did snow removal.

Coding in the Wild | October 2013 - August 2016


Coding in the Wild was a group started by a professional developer. He invited people who were interested in software development to learn development techniques. We worked together to create a back-end node.js authentication module with an interactive website. We created Abstract State Router, which is like Angular's UI Router, but not tied to Angular. We also worked to create a chat room where users upload & play their music for the group, in a round-robin fashion.

TechnaPWN (VEX Robotics) | September 2012 - April 2015

technapwn.com - youtube.com/TechnaPWN

I wrote RobotC code (based on C) for a VEX robot, including pre-programmed routines, teleoperation, slewed motor control, an extensive LCD menu system, and more. I maintained and updated the code throughout the entire season. Also, the previous year, I worked with two other team members to write and maintain the code-base. In April of 2014, I was too old to stay the team, but mentored them for a year.

Data Dragons (FLL, LEGO Robotics) | September 2008 - February 2013


Being on this team taught me about teamwork and basic robotics. The team took 1st place Robot Performance at Nebraska State in 2012. I was a mentor for the team during the 2012-2013 season.