Joseph Dykstra


About Me

I enjoy software development. I like watching as a project starts from nothing, and progresses into a full-blown application.

I like writing JavaScript modules, and websites.

I am currently working for FACTS on the FACTS SIS product. Schools use FACTS SIS for Admissions, Attendance, Communication, Health Info, Report Cards, Scheduling, Staff/Student/Family Info, Transcripts, and more.


  • JavaScript
    • node.js
    • Electron
  • SQL Server
  • ColdFusion
  • C


FACTS SIS | April 2015 - [Present]


I work with a team to fix issues that clients have, and develop new features or new projects for over 4000 schools. I ship code regularly, and I enjoy helping my fellow team members.

  • I have created a label system so schools can print Mail Labels, ID Cards, barcodes, and more onto standard Avery label sheets.
  • I have worked with REST APIs to sync school data with 3rd party school-related software such as Learning Management Systems and State Reporting.
  • I work on fixing various issues. My debugging skills have improved a lot in this position.
  • I'm the primary maintainer for a system that builds SQL queries for data stored in 50+ tables. The user selects data fields, filters, and sorting options, and the system will export a spreadsheet of the selected data.

This is the only technology company that I have worked for.

Personal Projects | July 2008 - [Present]

Github Repositories - NPM modules

  • I wrote Tab Emitter, which provides a node.js-like Event Emitter object in the browser to emit events between multiple same-origin tabs
  • I wrote Comics RSS, which serves RSS feeds for over 500 comic strips, which are generated by my automated script that scrapes gocomics.com
  • I helped write Just Login, an email-based authentication library for node.js servers
  • I have created hundreds of pull requests on Github to various open source projects
  • I have written and I maintain over 50 JavaScript modules for node.js
  • I wrote Snake, Tetris, and an 8-Queens Solver in C