3 Topics of Ethics | 2

This is expounding on my previous post.

Again, the three topics are:

  1. Law
  2. Motive
  3. Situation

  1. Law

Killing an abortionist who has not been on trial would still be breaking the 6th commandment.

Executing the wrong action, for the right motives, in the right situation, (if such a scenario exists,) is still sin.

  1. Motive

If someone reads Matt. 20:16 and takes it literally (which it probably should), then they might always try to be the last in line for things. Trying to be last in line is fine, but it can be done for the wrong motive; E.G., always being first later (in Heaven, maybe). That would be the right action, for the wrong motive, in the right situation is still sin.

  1. Situation

Situation is really broad, and I can think of a few examples, but here is one I like: Matt. 5:23-24.

Bringing a gift to the altar was a great thing to do... unless you had a brother (in Christ) who had something against you. The right action, with the right motive, in the wrong situation, is still sin. [Depending on your definition of "wrong situation"]

Thanks for reading. Hope this helps.