When I'm Older

"That will come easier when I'm older."

How many times do we think that?

Waving to neighbors, witnessing, raising hands during church, being nice to girls, and diminishing usage of sarcasm don't come easily with age. If I never waved to my neighbors, and then tomorrow I started, it would be hard to persevere because it wouldn't be a habit. Also, the neighbors might notice, that "the dude is acting really weird."

A change like that is not very notable, and is much easier then suddenly starting to talk about the Lord to co-workers, neighbors, and even Christian friends, or raising hands during church.

A habit that is formed is not usually easily stopped.
A habit that's not formed is not usually easily started.

But due to total depravity, good habits seem hard to make, and bad ones hard to break.

Make good habits before you die!