I was on a First Lego League team, the Data Dragons for 4 years, and I mentored for a year.

First Lego League (FLL) is a program designed to teach students about science and technology. Each team researchs a problem, creates a solution, and presents it to the judges at a competition. They also create a LEGO Mindstorms robot, and program it to do missions on a 4 ft. x 8 ft. table. Whoever scores the most points gets an award, whoever has the best presentation gets an award, etc.

What I learned

I learned about basic robotics, mechanics, teamwork, and a little bit of programming.

Team Acheivements (While I was on the team)

  • 2008: Climate Connections
    • Regionals: 1st Place Teamwork
    • Iowa State: 2nd Place Programming
  • 2009: Smart Move
    • Regionals: 2nd Place Champions
    • Iowa State: 1st Place Champions
    • Nebraska State: (Unofficial) 2nd Place Robot Performance
    • Worlds: 3rd Place Research
  • 2010: Body Forward
    • Nebraska State: 1st Place Champions
  • 2011: Food Factor
    • Regionals: 1st Place Champions
    • Nebraska State: 3rd Place Champions, 1st Place Programming