DCC Podcast Feeds

My church has an RSS feed, and I want to listen through sermon series with my podcast app. There are a few problems with this:

  • The RSS feed has thousands of entries. This makes it tough to find and download a series.
  • The RSS feed has sermons and communion meditations (mini-sermons) all mixed together.
  • The RSS feed has some unrelated sermons in the middle of a series.

I was going to make a scraper that would look up the sermons in a series, and create an RSS file, but I found that my church's website will dynamically generate an RSS feed for a series. There is not a way to open a series' RSS feed using the church's website.

Now the problem is that it's not very easy to get a link to a series' RSS feed... Until now!

This does not have every single series, but it does have most series with five or more sermons. Click the Edit link below to add another series.