Speech for Michael and Elizabeth's Wedding

I wrote a speech/poem/rap for my brother's wedding. The lyrics are as follows:

Michael and Elizabeth, the newly married couple,
I'm excited for you both, yet it's sad to see you go.
It has been really awesome having Michael as my bro,
Here are some facts about him that you may or may not know:

Michael is very caring, and for that he is adored,
He's gracious, and he's thoughtful, and he seeks to please the Lord.
Our relationship wasn't a picture perfect storyboard,
But over a little time it has most definitely soared.

"To have a good relationship with your wife, you must be nice
to your mom and your sisters" our dad told us Dykstra guys.
I've observed that Michael has indeed followed that advice;
He hugs Becky or mom of-ten; like each day, if not twice.

Michael is a generous guy; he'd often volunteer,
around the house, at church, and es-sentially anywhere.
He'll stop by the road, to help a stranger put on a spare.
Him loaning out his resources is a common affair.

If the milk ran out, and mom said "Who wants to get more?"
Often Michael would cheerfully go carry out the chore.
His siblings' food was something he would randomly pay for.
He was the kind of guy who would open and hold the door.

If you know Michael at all, then you know he's diligent,
and that he likes to make sure that all his time is well spent.
After a short observation, a stranger made the comment
that he wished he could have Michael under his employment.

He studies for his school, early before the sky is lit.
He works quickly when on the job and he's not counterfeit.
I know this because at home he does not just like to sit.
He sees work that needs to be done, and proceeds to do it.

So as you both accomplish this milestone of life's race,
it is my prayer that God will give you His amazing grace.
Until the day you pass away, and stand before God's face;
put God first, then your spouse second, and yourself in third place.