Android Podcast Apps Review

I am a fan of podcasts, and I recently purchased an android phone. I needed an app to handle podcasts for me. I have a few requirements for a podcast app:

  1. I want the app to automatically download the episodes from oldest to newest
  2. I want the app to delete the listened episodes
  3. I want the UI to be simple, and intuitive

I tried 4 well-rated apps: AntennaPod, Podcast Republic, Podkicker, and Podcast Addict

Disclaimer: Facts such as ratings and features of apps might change after I write this review.


AntennaPod is rated 4.5 stars on the google play store. It is ad-free and open source.

The UI is great. It is simple, intuitive, and I like how it is set up.

It does have an auto-download, and auto-delete. However, it doesn't support downloading from oldest to newest, so it's out.

Podcast Republic

Podcast Republic is rated 4.4 stars on the google play store. It is ad-supported.

The UI is beautiful. The app feel like it was created by a designer; it acts in non-android-standard ways. This makes it less intuitive, but allows the app to be cleaner. This app is a bit confusing with the many screens it has.

Lots of settings for this app, but they're well organized, so you can easily find the setting you're looking for.

This app has auto-download and auto-delete. It's unable to auto-download oldest to newest, so I am not keeping it.


Podkicker is rated 4.2 stars on the google play store. It is ad-supported.

This app is hands-down the simplest UI for a podcast app of the four. Very intuitive, and easy to use, but the simplicity has its downsides, including making it harder to do some bulk tasks, but this was rather minor.

The app seems to lack an auto-delete, but it has a new-episodes-only auto-download. Goodbye app.

Podcast Addict

Podcast Addict is rated 4.6 stars on the google play store. It is ad-supported.

This podcast player has a bunch of features that I don't (and probably will never) use, such as playlists, and live streams. There are a lot of settings, but they start with pretty good defaults, so it's not an issue.

This was the only app I could find that would download from oldest to newest. I've set a limit of 10 auto-downloaded episodes per show, so I don't fill up my phone right away.

The UI is pretty good, and not too hard to figure out as you go. It also has silence skipping, which is sort of neat.

I'm really liking this app, and I got the Donate version. If you like the app, it's worth supporting the developer (and removing ads) by throwing a few bucks his way.

You're so picky!

Maybe you're saying, "one silly feature destroyed most of your options!"

I don't want to have to think about my podcast app. If I have to think about it, or manually download episodes before driving, then it's not doing it's job as well as it should.


I hope this helps you decide on a podcast app. Thanks for reading!