I was on a VEX team, TechnaPWN Robotics for 2 years.

VEX was designed to teach students about STEM. (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math.) Students design, build, program, and drive a robot for each game, documenting their progress.

2013 was my first year, and I basically helped build the robot. I did some code maintainence, and some autonomous programming. TechnaPWN Programming Skills 2013

2014 was my last year. (As a student, that is. I do a bit of mentoring now.) I took a larger role in all areas; I designed and built more of the robot than I did the previous year, and I was the sole programmer. I was also the main driver, but could not have gone far without the coach and secondary driver. (Shout-out to y'all!) At the World Championship, we had issues, but were picked by Team 1200F. We ended up losing in the Division Finals, in matches 2 and 3. Here is my favorite match: Division Finals Match 1

What I learned

I learned about intermediate-level robotics, mechanics, and programming. It was also a good tool for learning to handle stress. :)

Team Acheivements (While I was on the team)

  • 2013: Sack Attack
    • Regionals: Tournament Champions at 5 of 7; various other awards
    • Nationals: 2nd Place Programming Skills, Division Finalists
    • Worlds: Innovate Award, 2nd Place Programming Skills
  • 2014: Toss Up
    • Regionals: various awards
    • Iowa State: 9-0-0, 1st Seed, Tournament Champions, Excellence Award
    • Nationals: 8-2-0, 2nd Seed
    • Worlds: 5-5-0, Division Finalists