Change | 2

People tend not to welcome change, even good change. (Think about every time Facebook updates its interface.)

People don't want to change themselves, they like routine, they like order.

In football, the successful teams get into a routine, (a rhythm, as some announcers call it,) and move the ball down the field methodically.

I like my current bedroom. It might not be in the most convenient place, but I would not want to get used to sleeping in a different room.

People don't want to change themselves, and do not like it when outside change requires them to.

I did not like it when my church switched tunes on 2 songs I liked. On one, I liked the new tune better, but I had gotten used to the old tune, and didn't like switching. On the other, I didn't like the new tune as well.

Sometimes people do like change. They want a different job, just because it is different. They are tired of being slaves of routine. They don't like repeating the same task 2000 hours each year. (50 weeks * 5 days * 8 hours, 2 weeks vacation.)

This is why some people like going on vacation, and like coming home from vacation.

If you are in a routine of serving the Lord, do not get tired of it!

If you are in a routine of not serving the Lord, do get tired of it!