ECD: Searching

First off, I probably need to clarify that, yes, I am fine with dancing. I like dancing with my sister best though, it's much easier to talk.

The first thing I think is weird about the English Country Dances is that some people's motives are solely for acquiring a soul mate. Finding a spouse based on what can be seen at a dance seems like a bad idea.

I talked to someone who told me that that is their reason for attending. They said that they didn't really care for dancing but they came to the dances get to know girls, by dancing, and they wished that they could go to more of their church's social gatherings for the same reason.

The other thing I don't like about ECD is the ridiculous attire.

I'm there to dance or hang out, not to re-enact the 1600s. But if others want to, that's cool with me.