You may remember some time when you were younger, and you lost a quarter in the grass. You may have searched for 15 minutes, half of an hour, maybe a whole hour. Chances are, you did not find your pursued prized possession.

If you searched for 15 minutes, and found it, you aquired $1/hr. The national minimum wage is $7.25/hr.

Basically: It probably was not worth your time looking for it.Now you look back, and probably do not care that you lost a quarter.

If, when we're 80, we look back on some of our biggest disappointments in life, (totaled car, dead dog, etc.), they're such a minuscule things! We should see them as small things, and the sooner we see that after it happens, the better (in most cases).

Easy to say, and hard to do.

It's hard to keep the right perspective when you feel that the situation is hopeless. But if you remember that in a few years, it won't matter much, it's easier to keep a good perspective.

But don't become passive.